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Translation of the page „ATTEST“ (Certificate):



Association Examiner

Member of the Federation of the Philatelic Examiners

(registered Association)


No. 1  (2 / 3)        Date   5th November 1990

The 5 (20+10 / 25) (Pfg.) Olympic Stamp 1984 of the GDR / German Democratic Republic, multicoloured, main colour green (sepia / blue), in mint condition, which has been given to me for the purpose of verification, is authentic and impeccably conserved.

This stamp is one of the edition prepared for the XXIIIth Olympic Games in Los Angeles, which weren’t issued due to the Eastern Block Olympic boycott.

It is remarkable that in the GDR, the same motives of the XXIIIth Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles were used again for the Olympic Stamps of the XXIVth Olympic Summer Games in Seoul.

- / -

Evidently, a small part of the Olympic Stamps 1984 escaped being destroyed. The stamps are comparable with the Olympic Stamp 1980 of the German Federal Republic MICHEL No. XIII which was also prepared, but not be issued because of the Western Olympic boycott of the XXIIth Summer Games in Moscow.

According to the direction of the examination order, I have put my examination sign „ZIERER BPP“ on the unissued stamp. A copy of the stamp, together with a comparable stamp, is pictured on page 2 of this certificate.